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With the Turkish Language Literature program, students are aimed to acquire the following knowledge and skills:


  • Recognizing the periods of Turkish Literature from the beginning to the present day, the social conditions of these periods and having a broad perspective and knowledge on these issues

  • Recognizing Western Literature and comprehending their interactions by comparing with Turkish Literature

  • To gain the ability to use visual, audio and written works of Turkish and world literature and art effectively in every period of his/her life by assimilating and interpreting them

  • To assimilate Turkish cultural heritage, Atatürk's principles and revolutions in a universal dimension and to ensure their continuity

  • Being aware of and respecting the diversity of culture and religion in the world in the light of the tolerance of Turkish literature and art

  • Adopting the rules of Turkish and gaining the habit of using our language correctly and effectively

  • Express themselves correctly in writing and orally

  • Gaining the habit of reading and having a developed taste for literature

  • To adopt the methods of research, examination, comparison and criticism in projects, assignments and in-class studies

  • Developing public speaking and presentation skills individually or in groups

  • To be individuals who respect themselves and those around them by being aware of the greatness of human beings and the diversity of human life under the guidance of literary works

  • Growing up as knowledgeable students who can follow the world and national agenda

  • To be able to utilize technology in their presentations, assignments and projects