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Questions Regarding the Registration Process:


What is the Base Score for UAA 2023-2024?

2023-2024 Opening Base Point is 485 and Closing Base Point is 482.7.


What is the total quota for the UAA Prep Class 2022-2023?

The total quota announced for 2023-2024 is 95 girls + 95 boys = 190.

As stated in the guide: "Our school is not obliged to fill the Prep class quota, it may not deduct points and may stop enrollment at any time."
Is prep class compulsory?
Preparatory class is compulsory. The preparatory class can be described as a preparatory year for the intensive 4-year high school life, where, in addition to the current education program, information about the behaviors, equipment and skills expected from students regarding high school education is transferred.
Which courses are offered in the prep year?
Intensive English, 2nd Foreign Language, Turkish, Science, Mathematics, Visual Arts, Physical Education, Music, Information Technologies and Guidance courses are offered in the preparatory year.
Is boarding available?
UAA does not offer boarding.
Can we come to visit the school before registration?
An announcement will be made regarding the collective visits for 8th grade students of secondary schools.
Private visits to the campus are not possible. However, a visit can be made by registering within the scope of the "Campus Days" events that will take place in the spring semester.
Will there be a school promotion day?
Instead of an introduction day, we have an Introduction Presentation that we publish on our website and social media accounts. When the current video is published, an announcement is made through the same channels.
Will the registration process take place at the school?
Detailed information will be provided in the Registration Guide that will be published on our website during the registration period.
What is required to pre-register for your school?
On the dates specified in the 2023-2024 Registration Guide, it will be sufficient to enter the candidate student's TR ID number, date of birth and mobile phone number through our pre-registration system by clicking on the link active on the website.
Are there separate quotas for boys and girls?
The total quota announced for 2023-2024 is 95 girls + 95 boys = 190.
As stated in the guide: "Our school is not obliged to fill the Prep Class quota, and may stop enrollment at any time without deducting points."
What should be done if someone other than the parents wants to register?
If the registration process is to be carried out by someone other than the mother or father, a power of attorney issued by the student's legal guardians is required.
If the parents are divorced, the registration process must be carried out by the custodial parent. In both cases, the custody or power of attorney must be presented when signing the enrollment contract.
What should we do if we need to give power of attorney to more than one person?
If you want to give power of attorney to more than one person for registration, their names can be on a single power of attorney. However, those who will make transactions by proxy can make transactions with the original power of attorney. (Photocopies will not be accepted.)
How does the withdrawal process work if we want to transfer to another school after enrollment?
If you want to transfer to another school after enrollment, the steps are as follows:
  • The parent or the person who has a power of attorney for the registration process submits the petition to the school with wet signature.
  • The student is released to the pool via e-school, and the school that will perform the new enrollment process completes the enrollment process by withdrawing the student from the pool.


Is there a deduction from the deposited amount in case of withdrawal?
Pursuant to Article 56 of the Ministry of National Education Regulation on Private Education Institutions, those who withdraw before the start of the academic year will be refunded the amount other than 10% of the annual fee, and those who withdraw after the start of the academic year will be refunded the amount other than 10% of the annual fee and the amount calculated according to the days of education.
Who can withdraw their registration?
The persons authorized for the registration process, as detailed in the questions above, can withdraw the registration.
How is the tuition fee paid? Is there a credit card payment option?
Detailed information will be provided in the Registration Guide that will be published on our website during the registration period.
What is the process regarding school uniforms, textbooks, meals and shuttle services?
Detailed information will be available in the registration completion procedures document that will be shared with our parents after the registration process is completed.
What are the Financial Support Scholarship opportunities?
The Financial Support Scholarship is awarded according to the criteria and application principles described in the Health and Education Foundation (SEV) Scholarship Regulations. It is a one-year scholarship. All applications are evaluated by the school's scholarship committee. The scholarship is allocated to eligible applicants at a rate ranging from 10% to 100% in line with the identified need. Those who wish to benefit from the Financial Support Scholarship for more than one year must renew their applications every year and participate in the evaluation process. Students must have passed their classes and not have received any disciplinary penalties for the continuation of the scholarship.
Are there Sports, Arts and Science Scholarships?
Yes. There are scholarship opportunities for students who are entitled to enroll in our high school and/or who are currently enrolled in our high school and who continue active sports, arts and science activities within the specified criteria. Our scholarship opportunities for the 2024-25 academic year will be updated as of March 2024.
Is there an IB Diploma Program option? To what extent is it offered?
UAA became an IB World School in 2014. This program offers a combination of balance, depth and breadth. Because students can choose six subjects from six different disciplines, three of which can be taken at Higher Level (HL) and three at Standard Level (SL). 
What is the teaching staff like?
In the 2023-2024 academic year, our school has 121 teachers.
22% of our teachers are foreign. Foreign teachers teach English, Mathematics, French, German, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  The teaching staff emphasizes the importance of students' ability to solve multi-layered problems that they will encounter in their work and social lives as well as in their academic lives. To this end, they ensure that students take part in many activities and raise young people who have high problem-solving skills, can take responsibility and are ready for the future.
What are extracurricular activities?
Clubs and extracurricular activities are an important part of education at UAA. There are over 80 clubs in the fields of science, art, culture, culture and social activities that allow students to get to know themselves and discover their talents. Students have the opportunity to start their own clubs if they wish.
Are all the courses in English?
All courses are taught in English except for Turkish culture and applied courses.
Which options are available as a second foreign language and at what level?
German and French are offered. Our students have the opportunity to get to know these cultures closely by reaching the level to express themselves comfortably and correctly in these languages until they graduate. If they wish, they can certify their language skills by taking international language proficiency exams.
What kind of support is provided to students for career planning?
At UAA, various programs are carried out to help students make the right choices in line with their goals by determining career options in accordance with their interests, abilities and academic qualifications throughout their high school education. Career counseling services are provided with the support of domestic and international university counseling units.
What is BYOAD being implemented at your school?
BYOAD (Bring your own Apple Device) is a 1:1 learning model where students bring their own personal Apple devices to school for learning purposes. Using digital tools and resources, students in 1:1 classrooms can collaborate, produce, share and actively participate in activities.
Do students generally prefer to study at home or abroad?
Depending on students' curiosity and interests, the countries, departments and universities preferred for higher education may vary from year to year. 


Is there a standard practice for community service projects that every student will take part in?

One of the goals of Üsküdar American High School is for students to "act with a sense of social responsibility to protect the environment and make the country and the world a sustainable environment." In our school's culture of nearly 150 years, community service is as important as both academic and extracurricular programs. All students are expected to take an active role in social service projects and to create, execute and finalize their own projects until graduation. The Community Action Learning Program (CALP) aims to engage the school community in community service projects and guide the school community in this direction.  Uskudar American High School aims to regularly research and plan Community Action Learning Projects, organize collaborative efforts, and regularly participate in these projects. UAA's CALP policy emphasizes the importance of utilizing school and community partnerships in developing a systematic, comprehensive and multi-faceted approach. Our students are expected to participate in at least one CALP project throughout their education at Üsküdar American High School. The total amount of time students will devote to CALP should be at least 60 hours (or fifteen hours per year over four years).

Through community service, students encounter situations similar to those they would encounter in real life. They acquire and put into practice the individual and social skills needed in these situations, such as decision-making, problem solving, taking initiative, taking responsibility for their actions, being accountable for them and so on.
Community service is seen as one of the most groundbreaking learning elements of human life, as it encourages students to become self-aware, provides a wide range of opportunities for interaction, and offers experiences and opportunities to develop an international consciousness.
Is there a UAA Alumni Association?
Üsküdar American High School Alumni Association was founded in 1952 in Istanbul.
The Alumni Association aims to preserve the Uskudar American spirit.
At the Alumni Association, which operates out of Kinney Cottage on our campus, alumni frequently come together for class reunions. In addition, the Alumni Association brings old and new alumni together with the traditional Brownie Day and Reunion events organized every year, and unites the alumni network in professional life with Career Marketplace and similar events.
Can students benefit from SEV's alumni network?
Thanks to the SEVConnect platform, which is specially structured for SEV alumni, students can join SEV's alumni network of 20,000 people from the very first day of their graduation by having many opportunities such as communicating with alumni in their country of study, receiving sector, specialty and company-based mentoring from experienced alumni, applying for internship/job openings on the platform, and being informed about alumni-specific events. 
What is the average number of students in each class?
Our average student numbers are: 19 in 12th grade, 20 in 11th grade, 22 in 10th grade, 22 in 9th grade, and 20 in Prep class. There is a maximum of 24 students in each class.