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Social and artistic activities give students an opportunity to get to know themselves better, to discover and develop their talents and to learn how to live and work together. Contrary to popular belief, club activities are not designed simply to fill students' free time but are a way of consolidating the content of academic programs through practical experience.


At Üsküdar American Academy, students are expected to participate in at least one club activity. With a range of options in the fields of language, science, arts or sports, it is easy for students to find a club that interests them.


Decisions regarding the areas that will be covered by Student Association Clubs are made democratically by the association, which is formed of class representatives. Clubs are formed with specific goals in mind, but the topics to be covered and activities to be carried out in order to work towards those goals are determined every year. Each student who participates in a club brings to it new ideas and a new point of view.


Atatürkçülük Kulübü
Gezi Kulübü / Social Affairs Club
Kültür Kulübü / Culture Club
Müzik Kulübü / Music Club
Sanat Kulübü / Art Club
Serçe Kulübü / "Serçe" Club
Sosyal Yardım Kulübü / Social Service Club
Spor Kulübü / Sports Club
AI Artificial Intelligence Club Yapay Zeka Kulübü
American Football
Anecdota Istanbul Club
Animasyon Kulübü / Animation Club
AP Calculus Club
AP Mentoring Club / AP Mentorluk Kulübü
Art / Plastik Sanatlar Kulübü
Astrophysics and Astrobiology Club
Atatürkçülük and History Club / Atatürkçülük ve Tarih Kulübü
Bioinformatics Club
Biomechanics Club / Biomekanik Kulübü
Biotechnology Club
Book Club/ Kitap Kulübü
Bridge Club / Briç Kulübü
Camping Club
Catalogue Club
Cheerleading Club/ Amigo Kulübü
Chemistry Club
Chess Club / Satranç Kulübü
Coding and Game Design Club
Critics of Bloomsbury Club
Cryptography Club
Culture and Poetry Club / Kültür ve Şiir Kulübü
Dance Club (Urban)
Debate Club/ Münazara Kulübü
Destination Imagination Club
English Magazine Club - The Caffeinated Owl
Entrepreneurship Club / Girişimcilik Kulübü
Environment, Nature, Sustainable Life and Discovery Club/Çevre, Doğa, Sürdürülebilir Yaşam ve Keşif Kulübü
ESU Public Speaking
Ethical Hacking Club
Ethics and Philosophy Club / Etik Değerler ve Felsefe Kulübü
EYP - European Youth Parliament Club Avrupa Gençlik Parlamentosu Kulübü
Far East Culture Club/ Uzak Doğu Kültür Kulübü
Fashion Design Club / Moda Tasarımı Kulübü
Film Club
Finance Club/ Finans Klubü
Fizik Proje Kulübü
Floorball Club
Folk Dance Club / Halk Oyunları Kulübü
French Club / Fransızca Kulübü
Futurist Club / Fütürizm Kulübü
Genetics and Evolution Club
German Club / Trial TestDaF
Girls in Tech Club
Graphic Novels Club/ Çizgi Roman
Hacking and Web Scraping Club
Health and Medicine Club
HIPDER Animal Health / Hayvanlar için Projeler Kulübü
Hiking Club / Yürüyüş Kulübü
Industrie 4.0 Club
Innovation Club
Interact Club
Key Club
Knitting Club/ Örgü Kulübü
Language of Math Club
Latin Dances Club
Linguistics Club/ Dil Bilimi Kulübü
Maker Club
Math Club / Matematik Kulübü
MIT Launch Entrepreneurship Club Proje Girişimciliği Kulübü
Minik Eller Büyük Düşler / Tiny Hands Big Dreams
Model Turkish Parliament Club/ Model Türk Parlamentosu Kulübü
MUN - Spanish
MUN – English
MUN – French
Museum Club/ Müze Kulübü
Music Club / Müzik Kulübü
Music Production Club / Elektronik Müzik Kulübü
NEHS National English Honor Society
Neuroscience Club/ Sinir Bilimi Kulübü
New Art Sculpture/ Heykel Kulübü
Photography Club/ Fotoğrafçılık Kulübü
Physics Olympiad Club/ Fizik Olimpiyat Kulübü
Programming Club / Programlama Kulübü
Puzzle Club
Quantum Physics Club
Readers' Circle Club
Roar TV/ Media Club
Robotics Club / Robotik Kulübü
Rocket Science and Aerospace Engineering
Sailing Club / Yelken Kulübü
SAT Math. Club
Science Magazine Club
Serçe-Gazetecilik / Journalism Club
Skiing Club/ Kayak Kulübü
Social Affairs Club / Gezi Kulübü
Social Service Club / Sosyal Yardım Kulübü
Sports Club / Spor Kulübü
Stories of Rock Songs Club
Table Tennis Club / Masa Tenisi Kulübü
Talking Trash Club
Talks at UAA
Tango Club
TEGV Kulübü
TUBITAK Math. Project Club / Tübitak Matematik Proje Kulübü
Turkey Spinal Cord Injury Association Club/ Türkiye Omurilik Felçlileri Derneği Kulübü
Turkish Drama Club/ Türkçe Tiyatro
Turkish Sign Language Club / Türk İşaret Dili Kulübü
TYT-AYT University Exam Club/ Türk Üniversite Sınavlarına Hazırlama Kulübü
UAA Engineering Workshop / UAA Mühendislik Atölyesi
UAA English Drama / İngilizce Tiyatro
UN: He for She Club
Writing Center Club
WWF Club