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At Üsküdar American Academy, students in grades 10, 11 and 12 can choose the IT elective, offered as 2 class periods per week. The school has two computer labs and other departments also have access to these labs when necessary. Equipment and software in the computer labs are frequently updated and the labs offer various services including internet access, printing, scanning and photocopying. The IT course helps students develop technological skills that they can use in their everyday lives; provides them with knowledge and skills in the field of information technology that they can use in other lessons; and enables them to closely follow new technologies that will ensure they are prepared for the future.



With our Computer Science program we aim for our students to:

  • Understand the importance that Atatürk gave to science and technology;
  • Make use of information technology as a means of communication;
  • Make online decisions and develop awareness on ethical consequences of their online actions as well as their related rights and responsibilities; 
  • Know how to use search engines to find accurate and reliable information on the internet;
  • Understand the ethical issues surrounding the internet;
  • Apply their IT knowledge and skills in other disciplines;
  • Select and use the appropriate IT tools to achieve their aims;
  • Use information technology to collect, evaluate, analyze and report information;
  • Know  the historical development of IT and be able to follow the development of new technologies;
  • Learn how to use new software packages.