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  • Works closely with the school administration, parents and students in order to help facilitate and realise the mission and objectives.

  • Helps in organising school events.

  • Provides financial and moral support to students who may be in need by cooperating with the school administration and to contribute to sister schools for the same purpose.

  • Fulfilling the obligations specified in the School Bus Service Regulation.

  • Collaborates with educational institutions and non-governmental organizations

  • Contributes to commissions created to improve education and well-being.

  • Contributes to the participation of the school in national and international projects.

  • Working in cooperation with the School Administration and the Guidance Counselors, invites experts on various subjects and organizes informative conferences.

  • Organizes the traditional School Brunch in order to ensure the integration of parents, students and teachers.

  • Contributes to the activities of the Social Service Club

  • Organizes the Seniors' Farewell Party and the Prom.

  • Represented in the School Disciplinary Board,

  • Represented in the School Cafeteria Committee,

  • Contributes to traditional May Day celebrations.