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Üsküdar American Academy has been raising successful young people since its establishment in 1876 and believes in the equality of opportunity in education and sees it as a social service mission for successful young people to receive the best education without having financial concerns.

With this approach, Üsküdar American Academy provides scholarship opportunities to successful students in the fields of sports, arts and science.The resources for these scholarships are provided via donations and contributions from SEV.

Types of scholarships vary as does the conditions and rates.


*Our scholarship opportunities for the 2024-2025 Academic Year will be updated as of May 2024.


Financial Aid Scholarship:

  • Who is eligible: Students who meet the conditions for enrollment in our high schools but do not have sufficient financial means can benefit from this scholarship.
  • What are the conditions: Making an application using the link on the schools' own websites during the registration period. Students who will start their preparatory year can apply for a scholarship during their registration.
  • Period: 1 Year, each year, a new application can be submitted.
  • Conditions for Renewal:  The student's passing all classes, receiving no disciplinary action.
  • Scope: The amount of scholarship is determined according to the student's personal situation.


Sports, Arts and Science Scholarship:

As the Health and Education Foundation, our goal is to contribute to the growth of well-rounded and happy individuals with strong social skills as well as academic merit. With the strong emphasis we place on student engagement in sports and arts as well as participation in science competitions, we offer “Sports, Arts and Science Scholarships” to support students who are strong in these areas. Scholarships can be given at the rates determined in the relevant application year to athletes, artists and researchers who will be newly enrolled in our school or who are still continuing their education. One student can only qualify for one of these areas (sports, arts and sciences). Since these scholarships are regarded as merit scholarship, the students may also qualify for the Financial Aid Scholarship. If awarded, the total amount of scholarship can reach 100% combined with the scholarship awarded for sports or science. Students who will both start the preparatory year and who are in upper grades may apply for this scholarship. New and continuing students, who are athletes, artists or researchers, can receive up to 25 percent scholarship for five years, which covers their entire high school education. In addition, students in need may simultaneously benefit from the Financial Aid Scholarship, allowing for up to 100% scholarship.