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Fast Facts Established in



Number of students


Number in graduating class




The school provides a 5-year high school education from Prep to 12th Grade. Prep year is compulsory.

Number of teaching staff


We have 119 teachers for the academic year 2022-2023, 22% of whom are foreign.


Foreign teachers teach classes in English, Mathematics, French, Spanish, Biology, Chemistry and Physics.                                                                                                              

The number of graduates since the school was founded



Average number of students in a class

Prep: 20

Grade 9-12: 24

Number of boarding students

There are no boarding facilities in school

The student demography

15% of students at UAA are from outside Istanbul and these students make their own arrangements for accommodation when they move to Istanbul to study.

International Accreditation and  Programmes The IB Diploma Programme

Üsküdar American Academy has been authorized to offer the IB Diploma Program as from 2014 and the first IB class graduated in 2017.

CIS Accreditation

The school is accredited by the Council of International Schools (CIS)

Courses Academic Departments

Turkish Language and Literature and Social Sciences, Englis, Science, Mathematics, Art, Physical Education, Computer, Second Foreign LanguageI

Elective courses (from Grade 9 onwards)

Modern Turkish and World History, German/French Literature, Public Speaking, Journalism, Drama, Web Design and Animation, AP preparation in chemistry/physics, etc.

School schedule

8.00 – 14.30

Language Instruction in a foreign language

Apart from Turkish Language and Literature and Social Sciences, all classes are taught in English.

Choices for the Second Language Program

German, Spanish, and French

Prep Classes Criteria for admission

Students are accepted to UAA according to their scores in the central examination.


Üsküdar American Academy generally admits students from the top 8,000 in the national standard exam.

Academic program in Prep

Intensive English, Second Foreign Language, Turkish, Science, Mathematics, Art, Physical Education, Music and Guidance

The level of English expected of students registering to uAA

Students registering at UAA are not expected to know English

Social activities Traditional and some other events in school

May Day, Brownie Day, Spirit Week, Young Graduates Winter Get Together, Reunion, Career Days, Founders’ Day, Talent Show, Spirit Week, Halloween Costume Competition

Model United Nations (MUN) conducted either in English, French or German, International Schools Theater Association (ISTA), Social Services and Interact, Social Service Fairs, Drama in Turkish and English, Musicals in Turkish and English, Dance Competitions, Social Service and Interact Club events, Environment Club, Spirit of Greenpeace Club, TOÇEV/LÖSEV, WWF, etc.

There are over 100 clubs run in school.

Some of the competitions and examinations the students participate in


TOEFL, IELTS, and EUROPASS tests, AP, SAT, YGS/LYS, TUBİTAK, Antalya Mental Games Competition, Waterloo Math Contest, American Math Competition, BEST Physics Competition

Profile of graduates The graduates’ preferred areas of study at higher education level (in order)

1. Engineering 

2. Law

3. Medicine

4. Business Management

The graduates’ preferred Turkish universities

1. Koç University

2. Boğaziçi University

3. İstanbul Technical University

4. Sabancı University

5. İstanbul University

The rate of students attending state universities and private universities with scholarship 

The number of students preferring to study overseas