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What differentiates Üsküdar American Academy from other schools? 

Our school, which was founded in 1876, is one of the most prestigious schools in Turkey. Our academic goals and expectations of our students are high. The school, with a history approaching 150 years, has not only given importance to academic success but even more importantly to the nurturing of morally-upright and free-thinking young people. According to the requirements of this era and even those of the future, we take pains to protect humanitarian values and ethics recumbent the principles of our education.


Our aims are to give our students a broad education and foster students who are; self-confident, fully developed socially and intellectually, fluent in English with knowledge of the culture behind the language and morally upright, global citizens.


Our goal is to enable our students to select the university which best suits their characters, abilities and interests. To this end we prepare our students for both the Turkish university entrance examination and to be successful in applications to overseas universities.


Our objective is to create many opportunities for our students to further their education both in Turkey and abroad and to assist them in making the right decision in the final stage of this process.  


Of course for them to achieve these objectives our educational goals and expectations of our students need to be very high. We encourage our students to use their potential to the full and provide all the support they need to realize this. Each year approximately 50% of our students continue their education in overseas universities. This year our students were accepted to and received scholarships from distinguished universities such as Oxford, Yale, Princeton, Harvard and UPenn. The most preferred faculties for their further education are in order; Engineering, Law and Medicine.


One of the things that sets the Üsküdar American Academy apart from other schools is the democratic, supportive and collaborative environment it creates to motivate free-thinking students to learn. The students are encouraged take initiative and assume responsibility as well as taking an active role in the decision-making process in school.


At the Üsküdar American Academy we expect our students to give as much importance to social activities as they do to academics and to participate in these. The social, cultural and intellectual development of the students is very important. In addition to over 90 clubs which are conducted in both Turkish and in English and are held both during school time as well as after it. In addition the school has an important tradition of social service activities which are viewed as a natural part of school life. 


One of the other noticeable features of Üsküdar American Academy is the life-long connection our graduates feel towards one another and towards the school and they support that they give to both. 


Child Protection Policy:

In accordance with the United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child, and the Council of International Schools Child Protection standards, the SEV Foundation is committed to ensuring the safety and welfare of students in all SEV schools through the establishment and implementation of a comprehensive Child Protection Policy. Our Child Protection Policy applies to all SEV community as well as stakeholders including third-party contractors.


Our Energy Policy

In order to ensure sustainability and minimize environmental impact, we aim to reduce energy consumption and costs within the framework of energy management and efficiency policy.

In line with this goal, we are committed to

  • Using energy resources efficiently in our operations,
  • Ensuring continuous improvements in energy performance,
  • Providing the necessary equipment and personnel infrastructure to achieve energy management and efficiency goals & objectives,
  • Increasing staff competence,
  • Meeting all legal and other requirements related to energy,
  • Preferring energy efficient technologies and practices for products and services to be purchased,
  • Evaluating alternative and renewable energy sources by following technological developments,
  • Considering improvements in energy performance and efficiency in new investment and renovation activities,
  • Raising awareness of our employees, students, teachers and all our stakeholders about energy.