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“Human history in essence is the history of ideas.”

H. G. Wells (English sociologist)


The Social Sciences Department includes the subjects of Geography, History, Sociology, Human Relations, Psychology, Philosophy and Religious and Moral Studies. In addition in Grades 10 and 11 "Turkey in the 20th Century" and "Economics" are offered in the IB Diploma Programme. The fact that Social Sciences covers such a broad range of topics shows why it is such an important part of education. To make progress in any human-related subject, from politics to the economy or art, we need to understand the geography of thought. With thought we reach language, from language we reach culture and the geography upon which these cultures flourish.


The aim of the Social Sciences program at Üsküdar American Academy is to provide our students with a good understanding of local and universal viewpoints and to give them a broad base from which to approach social matters in a scientific way