Dear Guests,


It is my my honor to be writing to you as the Head of School at Üsküdar American Academy. We are proudly recognised as one of Turkey’s leading schools. Our outstanding reputation stretches back to the school’s foundation in 1876. We are further galvanised by our governing body, the Health & Education Foundation (founded 1968), which oversees UAA and other prominent schools in Istanbul, Izmir and Tarsus. Please visit for more information.


UAA is a selective school, for Turkish nationals, that chooses its students from the top 1% in the country. We seek to prepare our students to become effective communicators, balanced individuals, collaborative contributors, holistic thinkers and global citizens. UAA's fine students embody a solid tradition of excellence in both their strength of character and their enviable educational outcomes.


These outcomes enable them to attend the world's finest universities. These include illustrious institutions such as Harvard, MIT, Princeton, Stanford, Cambridge, Oxford, UCL and Imperial College, as well as Turkey’s finest universities including Boğaziçi, Bilkent, Koç, METU, ITU and Sabancı. Many of our students also go on to study post-graduate degrees.


UAA's alumni hold prominent positions throughout Turkish society and being a UAA alumnus is of huge benefit due to the high standard of graduates that the school continues to produce. A UAA education is a key to success both in Turkey and on the global stage. UAA's achievement are a result of the essential triumvirate of highly committed students, supportive parents and dedicated teachers.


Our teachers are outstanding classroom practitioners who work tirelessly for the benefit of our student body. They are also highly qualified with more than 50% holding master's level degrees and 5% holding doctorates. We are always keen to add exceptional teachers to our cadre and if you would like to learn more about opportunities at UAA and the other SEV schools, please visit


We will not rest on our laurels at UAA and we have a vision of becoming one of the world's leading schools. We are united as a community in reaching this goal. While the work required will be relentless, we owe our students a world-class education and we owe our entire community a school of global repute. In conclusion, I thank you for taking the time to read this introduction and please enjoy learning more about our extraordinary school by browsing our informative website.


Sincere Regards,



Dr. Peter Coles


Head of School






This web site has been prepared to present to you a cross-section of school life and the rich academic, sports and arts opportunities that are offered.


As you surf the site you will see that our mission is to ensure that our students, accepted according to their results in an exam administered nation-wide, are not only self-confident but develop responsibility for themselves, society and the environment . Our goal is to nurture students who individually are completely fluent in English, are life-long learners able to communicate effectively whilst living a life of quality and possessing all the necessary skills, attitudes and feelings of responsibility.

In order to achieve these goals and excellence in education, Üsküdar American Academy integrates the national curriculum with an international approach and fosters an individual who meets the criteria for acceptance to both national and overseas universities. In a world where competition increases rapidly with every passing day we are proud to see that our students are prepared for life, are confident, have developed leadership skills , are able to approach problems from different perspectives and produce solutions, have strong communication skills and are sociable.

Students who have won the right to study at our school are placed in the appropriate Prep class according to their results in the proficiency in English exam. Our students, who face an intensive academic program in the high school, not only receive instruction in English to a high level but also receive instruction in the second language program where they acquire a good level in German, French or Spanish. All classes, except for those in Turkish Language and Literature and Turkish social subjects, are conducted in English.

Our school offers a broad range of elective classes from which the students can choose according to their areas of interest. One of our greatest goals is to aid the development of a well-balanced individual who appreciates art, participates in sports and is mentally, physically and spiritually healthy. For this purpose, our students participate in and host a number of national and international competitions, exhibitions and events. Our school is a member of ISTA (International Schools’ Theater Association) and every year participates in the drama festivals. Üsküdar American Academy is the only official representative in Turkey of the Lahey International Model United Nations Conference. Each year over 500 hundred students participate in the conference actualized on an international platform to discuss world issues from which our students gain excellent experience. Also by participating in the French and German MUN conferences our students are presented with an opportunity to develop their second languages.

Some of the sports areas in which our students participate are; basketball, volleyball, football, tennis, swimming, badminton, table tennis, folk dancing, skiing, snowboarding and hockey. Our school has in excess of sixty national and international clubs and students are free to participate in more than one.

The Üsküdar American Academy is proud of the importance it gives to social service. Since the school’s foundation in 1876, this has always been one of our most important objectives. Whilst our students are working with students from other schools in Turkey they are not only helping them but developing their awareness of and sense of responsibility to society.

Our students have the chance to attend both national and overseas universities. Our college expert guidance counselors in cooperation with the Guidance department give great support to the students and their parents both during the exam process and when making choices. Those students who elect to study abroad receive support from our overseas college counselors. Every year, one third of our graduating students rank among the top 1000 students who took the Turkish university entrance exam. Likewise most of those electing to continue their education at universities overseas were not only accepted into distinguished universities but were also offered scholarships.

Our teachers and administrators participate in professional development programs to regenerate themselves. We work hard to bring advanced technology to the school so that our students may benefit from it and hence gaining a high level of education. We expect our students to be; hard workers, investigators and questioners who aim for the highest success, are aware of their personal and societal responsibilities and follow in the principles and transformations of Atatürk.

Welcome, all of you, to Üsküdar American Academy. In order to obtain more information about us please visit our web site regularly.

Yours sincerely,


Funda Cüceloğlu

School Principal