“God gave humans language, and language created thought…”

P.B. Shelley (English poet)


According to legend, humans once spoke the same language and, before they were scattered throughout the earth, shared the same hopes and dreams. Working together in harmony they built the Tower of Babel, but the tower became so tall that God felt that mankind was so insolent that they were trying to reach heaven. In punishment he withdrew the shared language that tied them together and gave them all different languages. Mankind was therefore no longer able to communicate with each other or to live together...


Although the Tower of Babel may be no more than a myth, over 3000 languages are spoken throughout the world today. Every language is closely linked to different knowledge, culture and experience and therefore knowing a language means understanding the world of that language.


At Üsküdar American Academy, while we aim for our students to speak English fluently, we also teach the commonly spoken languages of German, French and Spanish, helping them to become citizens of the world.