UAA has been offering the IBDP since the 2014-15 Academic year and our first IB class graduated in 2017.

What is the IBDP?


The IBDP offers a combination of balance, depth and breadth. Students study six subjects, one from each of the six groups. Three (or in some cases four) subjects are studied at Higher Level (HL) and the remainder at Standard Level (SL). HL incorporates a wider range of topics than SL and studies some of the common topics to a greater depth.


Students choose one subject from each of the 6 groups from the table below. Level choices (SL/HL) are made at the end of grade 10. Not all level combinations are possible and the opening of a class at a particular level may be dependent on student numbers.



Subjects and levels (one subject from each group)


Turkish (HL or SL)


English A (HL or SL)

English B (HL only)


Turkey in the 20th Century (SL only)


Biology (HL or SL)

Physics (HL or SL)


Mathematics (HL or SL)


Chemistry (HL)

Economics (HL)

Computer Science (HL)

Visual Arts (HL)

Business Management (HL)



There is also a core requirement consisting of

-The Extended Essay: An independent, self-directed piece of research leading to a 4,000-word paper

-The Theory of Knowledge: TOK explores the nature of knowledge and the role of evidence, focused on the key theme of “how do we know what we claim to know?”.

-Creativity, Activity, Service: CAS is a range of activities outside the classroom that complement and extend students’ academic studies.

All students at UAA are eligible to apply for a place on the IBDP, however places are limited.


For detailed information:

Üsküdar American Academy Course Description Booklet