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“The Republic needs mentally, intellectually and physically strong guardians.”

M. K. Atatürk


If we had to summarize the aim of sports with one word, we believe that the correct word would be "balance". Sport is a discipline that requires the ability to control and balance your breathing, movement, strength, energy, individual and social communication, in other words it requires a balance of mind and body. These are also skills that are important for our young students to acquire during this phase of their development. Although these skills can also be developed through other disciplines, sport holds an important place in today’s world. The result of the fast food culture and the lack of physical activity caused by the age of electronic communication is that our children’s physical health is quickly deteriorating.


At Üsküdar American Academy we give great importance to sports because we care about our children’s health. With a wide range of sports on offer, such as basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis, swimming, hockey, badminton, American football, tennis or kin-ball, students can choose the sports club that best suits their interests and physical abilities.



  • Swimming - Girls / Boys
  • Volleyball - Girls / Boys 
  • Tennis -  Boys
  • Table Tennis - Girls / Boys
  • Badminton - Girls / Boys
  • Basketball - Girls / Boys
  • Footsal - Boys
  • Soccer - Girls / Boys
  • Field Hockey - Boys
  • American Football - Boys