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"Man is the measure of all things"

Protagoras (Greek Philosopher)


Evaluation and Assessment is a systematic procedure with many steps which aims to ascertain the effectiveness of the teaching and learning process by collecting data and interpreting it.




The function of the Evaluation and Assessment Office is to determine how much the aims of the teaching learning process have been achieved. To this end data is collected and evaluated a scientific and objective manner. The Office was also founded to establish the level of learning being attained by the each student in each class at each level.


Assessment and Evaluation objectives are a way of facilitating;


  • The accessibility and accessibility of the educational goals by all in addition to comparisons of the aims and results
  • The objective interpretation of the results of the educational process ,
  • Systematic, methodical and regular data collection,
  • The increase in awareness of the process of learning through collaboration with the subject departments in order to determine the degree of learning and to analyze the topics taught as well as the acquisition of knowledge via feedback to the school administration, teachers, students and parents,
  • The taking of precautions to eliminate the weaker aspects and  to further the strengths of this process through utilization of the collected data.


Work being done is:

  • The analysis of statistics and comparison of data, supported by graphics, for the purpose of measuring the teaching-learning process,
  • The sharing of the results of detailed analysis of written and multiple choice tests with the class teachers, department heads and school administration,
  • The administration of various surveys during the school year, the researching of perceptions and the analysis and evaluation of surveys conducted by the Guidance Department,
  • The integration of new approaches by the school through following the innovations and developments in the field of assessment and evaluation,
  • The careful measuring of the student’s individual academic progress which is carried out according to the school’s acquisition criteria and the analysis of our students’ test and exam results which is published on the K-12 Program. As a result of this both our students and parents are able to access their child’s test grades as well as detailed analysis of the tests by accessing the ‘Student Information Map’.