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To accompany our children on the road from childhood to adulthood.


Guidance and Psychological Counseling Department in Üsküdar American Academy aims a healthy transition for students from childhood to adulthood. For that reason our department puts emphasis on


  •  the ways students self-knowledge
  •  problem solving skills and the capacity to reach the right decisions
  •  social skills
  •  psychological healthiness


Trust is the basic issue of Counselling Service


In our school, every psychological counsellor follow the same level of students from prep to senior years. In this way Psychological Counsellors get to know the students in a better way and have a chance to build a mutual language based on trust.


Guidance periods are conducted by both Class Guidance Teachers and Psychological Counsellors once a week. The curriculum is based on both proposals of Ministry of Education and our student’s needs. The subjects covered: the characteristics of adolescence, motivation, leadership, friendship, communication skills, learning and study skills.   


Through preparation for university entrance our department works with Turkish and Foreign University Counselling Departments.


Guidance and Psychological Counselling Department also organizes Career Day, Sexual Education Program and group work for Study Skills and Motivation.                 


All the efforts are mainly based on the individual’s uniqueness, openness and confidentiality and parents support if needed.  Supervision of the school psychiatrist is a regularly carried out.


  For Students


  • Individual Counseling
  • Classroom Activities
  • Group Counseling (need based)
  • Study Skills Groups are organized every year.
  • Academic & Vocational Counseling
  • Orientation Program
  • Mentor Program
  • Career Day
  • Sexual Health Education (cooperation with TAP Foundation)
  • Inventory Implementations


  For Parents


  • Individual & Family Counseling
  • Group Counseling
  • Parent Conferences
  • Parent Meetings


  For Teachers


  • Cooperation with Other Departments
  • Individual Counseling
  • Need Based Seminars
  • Teacher Meetings