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School Facilities Management and Operations Services (cleaning and maintenance, gardening, technical maintenance and repairs, courier/driver service) and Security Services are provided by reputable companies on contractual agreement renewable periodically.


These services are currently provided by Eurest Services and Euroserve Security, the "Multi-Service Company" of the SOFRA Group, a subsidiary of Compass Group PLC, the world leader in food and support services.


EUREST SERVICES, holds quality certification in the following areas: quality management (TSE EN ISO 9001:2008), occupational health and safety (TSE ISG OHSAS TS 18001:2008), environmental management systems (TSE ISO EN 14001:2004) and customer satisfaction (TSE İSO 10002 2006), and was the first organization in the sector to receive this last quality certification. The company insures all its customers with a universal international insurance policy (to a limit of £1,000,000).


When a company begins working with the school it prepares specific operation manuals for the project. The company draws up standard procedures and guidelines and, where necessary, specific procedures and guidelines for individual projects. All services are carried out according to these guidelines.


Daily, weekly, quarterly and six-monthly action plans are drawn up within the context of the operation manual, and all work is carried out and reported according to these plans.



Health and safety risks within the school are determined by the company; equipment and chemical products to be used are chosen according to those risks.


A four-color system is used in the cleaning service. Through the four-color system, cleaning staff learn which chemicals and products should be used in which area of the school and product choice is made according to this system. Separate trolleys, equipment and chemicals are used according to the type of cleaning to be carried out in toilets, offices or living spaces. The cleaning products to be used in areas with different hygiene risks are determined, and these products cannot be used in another area. In this way contamination is kept to a minimum.



Private Security Staff carry out their security duties under the provisions of law no.5188 and with the authority granted by other relevant regulations.


Operational inspections are carried out by hand-held computer. Information on contracted staff is recorded on a web-based program. A hand-held computer with GPRS connection is used during inspection, at the end of which the results are entered into the web-based program.


If there are any problems arising as a result of inspection a warning message is sent to the computers of the company administration, less than one minute after the inspection points are entered into the system. In this way swift action can be taken if necessary.