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"Health is not a condition of matter, but of mind."


Mark B. Eddy (US Scientist)


At Üsküdar American Academy, health is treated as a conscious process that includes every aspect of life, not simply a technical issue to be fixed when necessary. We aim to ensure that everyone under our roof, students, teachers and employees, lives a mentally and physically healthy life.


Duties of the Clinic

  • Provide first aid to students and staff in the event of illness or accidents;
  • Provide education and guidance on healthy living;      
  • Carry out necessary examinations;
  • Inform the school administration, students and parents about contagious diseases, etc.;
  • Participate in monthly food committee meetings;
  • Participate in the school’s crisis committee and plan the first aid process in the event of an emergency;
  • Regularly inspect all employees at the school who handle food;
  • Inform the administration about situations that could affect health in or out of school and ensure that necessary action is taken;
  • Ensure that health personnel are ready and available during large events.


Employees of our School Clinic closely follow developments in the area of school and public health, ensure the modernization of equipment and methods in the light of new information they have gained from national and international resources, and, with the support of the school administration, participate in educational programs on currently relevant topics.



The school clinic is on the ground floor of the school lodgings, close to the Sports Hall. Within the health unit we have an expert family doctor and a full-time school nurse, who are responsible for the whole campus.

The clinic includes an examination and treatment room, 2-bed observation room, doctor’s office and reception area, and has all the medical equipment required for emergency treatment and clinical observations.



If students have any health related problems they first get permission from their Dean to go to the clinic. Before going back to class they are also required to take a clinic exit slip from the nurse or doctor. Following assessment and initial treatment at the clinic the student will, depending on the seriousness of the condition, be sent back to class, sent home or taken to hospital accompanied by a parent or the school nurse.



All employees at the school have a private health insurance policy. In addition, all students are covered by the school’s liability insurance for any accidents and injuries that may happen during school hours and in school activities.  Insurance policies are also valid for any disasters (fire, earthquake, etc.) that may happen at school. All our students and staff can also benefit from Ambulance and Medical Advice Services if an emergency should occur while they are in school or in the school bus.


The School Health Unit also ensures that all first aid equipment and emergency first aid cupboards are ready for use in case of an emergency. Appropriate changes and adjustments are made to the emergency plan as necessary.


The school doctor also manages the work of the first aid team and food committee. The food committee meets monthly with a student, teacher, Parent Association and food company representative to share issues and recommendations regarding the school cafeteria and canteen and to ensure a healthy and balanced diet on campus. A sub-committee is also held at regular intervals with representatives from the administration.



Regular educational seminars are given every year. Prep students are given a seminar on “The Principles of Healthy Living” and higher grade levels receive seminars on “Eating a Healthy and Balanced Diet”, “Adolescent Health” and “First Aid Practices”.



During registration, students fill out a form regarding their health and immunization history. There is an additional form for any students who have to take regular medication or who have a long-term illness. At the beginning of every school year health records for newly registered students are recorded on our computers and updated. All medical information is kept in the strictest confidentiality. At the beginning of the school year information on students who are likely to face a health-related problem is shared only with their teachers and the counseling department. The confidentiality of medical information and clinical records is ensured through our Health Information Software.



Medication can only be given to students with the written consent of their parents. Parental consent is also required for vaccinations and similar procedures.