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The SEV Digital Art Festival, which was held among SEV American High Schools, has ended.

The festival, which had the theme “Designing Creatures Affected by Climate Change”, took place between March 23- May 23. Within the scope of the festival, students created designs using digital design methods. The festival featured a total of 36 designs by 27 students from four SEV American High Schools.

You can visit the Artsteps Digital Exhibition, which includes all designs featured in the festival at this link: https://bit.ly/sevdijitalsanatfestivalisergisi2022

The top three entries selected from each school were transformed into NFT format and added to the brand new SEV NFT Art Collection.

Four students who were placed first in all schools were awarded online training from Rhode Island School of Design, one of the world's leading art schools.

You can access the SEV NFT Art Collection, which consists of 12 works, at https://nft.sev.org.tr/.