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Between August 18-29, 2016 16 UAA students and an UAA teacher visited the cities of Cochin, Chennai and Pondicherry in India for the third time. The purpose of their visit was to perform community services as well as to engage in intercultural interaction. During that time the students had the opportunity to work at  a house-building factory which uses natural supplies. They also attended a workshop where they used bamboo to make musical instruments. The participating students gave lectures to the local students of the village of Edyanchavadi as part of their efforts to contribute to local education.  


In addition, UAA students also attended yoga, meditation and arts classes. They learned about the basics of making terracotta figures under the guidance of a master craftsman Mr. Munusamy, also a UNESCO prize recipient. UAA students attended cultural events such as city tours, boats trips and fishing tours where they tried applying Chinese fishing techniques. They also visited the temple of Shiva and practiced meditation in Matrimadir.


UAA students will teach English to Indian students using an online platform as part of their effort to sustain their project.