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The UAA Family kicked off the 2023-2024 academic year! As our students returned to campus on Friday, September 8, our opening ceremony began with a speech by UAA'75 graduate Prof. Dr. Sedefhan Oğuz, who has been a member of the SEV Board of Trustees for 21 years and a former member of the Board of Directors for three terms. Following the speeches of our School Principal Özgür Akas and our Head of School Dr. Steven Desroches, our new teachers were introduced to the school community. The ceremony ended with a welcome speech by our Student Council President Hasan and the presentation of plaques to our UAA'23 graduates who ranked in the top 1000 in YKS. We would like to welcome the youngest members of our family, our UAA'28 students and our new colleagues to our family and wish the entire UAA Family a healthy, successful, happy and enjoyable academic year!