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Our student Hüseyin Yağız (UAA ’22) and his advisor Betül Karagöz attended Buca IMSEF 2021 with their project on nanotechnology and materials science. Being invited to the 2nd stage of the competition, Hüseyin Yağız  and Betül Karagöz represented our school among 166 finalist projects selected from 26 countries. With developing the most sensitive temperature sensor ever measured in nanoscale, our student presented his project to experts in their fields at this international fair. Eventually, he was selected as the World Champion in the physics category and was awarded a gold medal. With the project highly appreciated by the jury members and country representatives, Hüseyin Yağız and Betül Karagöz were chosen to represent our country in three different established international science fairs. 

Congratulations to both!