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CodeFest, the first high school coding competition in Turkey, which was organized for the first time in 2016 by UAA students opened its doors to coding lovers againon its 6th year.
This year, the festival hosted a total of 48 teams and 196 participants from various provinces of Turkey participating online. The first half of the event consisted of various workshops given by experts in their fields, while in the second half, the coding teams competed against each other in the five-hour competition, trying to solve the problems prepared by Üsküdar American Academyt students.
Workshops were held by college educators and experts including our former graduates Yunus Aydın UAA'17, Kaya Alptürer UAA'19, Ege Demir UAA'19 and Kaan Türkmen UAA'19, who are the architects of CodeFest, attracted a lot of attention.
The workshops this year were; Tolga Can - Computational Geometry, Kaya Alptürer and Yunus Aydın - Turing and Machines, Sinan Kalkan - Cognition, Learning, and Robotics, Kaan Türkmen - Cyber ​​Security, Ege Demir - Artificial Intelligence Tasting Tour and Meryem Buğa - Project Cycle Management made his presentations.
You can find detailed information about CodeFest at www.codefesttr.org or from the @codefesttr account on Instagram.