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The PTA works with the purpose of supporting ÜAA.


The PTA was founded by parents in 1969 with the aim of providing financial support for the school. Its fundamental aim is to support the school management in ensuring students’ physical and psychological well-being as well as provide financial contribution to the school to assist them in delivering a modern, high-quality education.   


PTA is a fundamental entity in ensuring coordination and synergy between the students, teachers, parents and school.


Founders of the association: 

Yılmaz Poda
Mehmet Dülger
Süheyla Ziyal
Perihan Ünler
Ayhan Ünler
Aydın Uzman
Dr. Nüzhet Ziyal
Nuriye Erben
Kemal Gürgan
Selahattin Erentürk
İlhan Kınacı
Naciye Barut
Feriha Kubalı
Seniye Pakalın


Membership of the School Support Association: Those wishing to serve in this association can complete the membership form during school registration and members are selected with the approval of the Management Board.


Our Association has;

  • Secured financial aid to be used in the renovation of various departments in our school.
  • Under the guidance of and in collaboration with the Guidance Department have organized seminars with guest speakers for our parents and students.
  • In collaboration with the PTA jointly organized events which have provided financial aid.
  • With the PTA organized the School Brunch, now a tradition, with the aim of students, parents and teachers getting to know one another. 
  • Provided funding for the students’ social events.
  • Contributed help with clothing as well as providing cash aid for the Social Service Clubs activities
  • Provided help with materials and clothes for those who have suffered as a result of natural disasters.
  • Organized the leaving party for the seniors.
  • Presented gifts to seniors at the commencement ceremony.
  • Assisted with the organization of the seniors’ graduation ball.
  • Provided financial assistance for the May Day celebrations.


Association Office: next to the School Clinic

Tel: 0216 391 07 43 - 0216 333 1100 / 159


Web Site: