UAA Is A Big Family…


UAA student association aims to be the voice and representative of all students and organizes several activities with different concepts throughout the school year in order to improve student life.  Student association consists of students from all grade levels as well as class representatives and presidents of various clubs. At the meetings that are held regularly during the year, student association members get the opportunity to come together and share their ideas.




Mayday is an old tradition of Üsküdar American Academy that takes place in May every year and is organized primarily by the UAA Student Association.  In addition to Mayday, UAA student association is also responsible of arranging entertaining student activities such as Halloween, Spirit Week and Homecoming aiming for UAA students to make new friends and have fun by taking part in a school activity.


School Spirit…


Üsküdar American Academy students start to be a part of a big community the moment they step onto campus. UAA Student Association believes that every UAA student is devoted to the school with strong attachment and its target is to create activities that foster the bond between school and students. It organizes orientation programs for prep students to help them easily adapt to a new school and environment.





Mina Cezairli

Vice President

Ayşe Ekin Güven


Berke Utku Önder


Ege Atila              





Community Service

Elif Koç- Mina İbrahimoğlu 

Music Club

Kaan İlhan- Naim Kaan Aydın 

Sports Club

Berke Aşaroğlu- Ece Ağalar 

Journalism Club

Alara Güler- Deren Alanay

Travel Club

İrem Şamlı- Cemre Yüzbaş

Culture Club

Defne Özman- S. Zeynep Gülan

Atatürk Club

Derin Aksu- Gönül Ece Erk

Art Club

Ceren Cenkçiler- Irmak Biriz