Dear Graduates,

Those of you who did internships during either high school or at university will remember that an internship provides a student with important experiences of work life. It can also be instrumental in helping young people what they want from a career in the long-term and sometimes what they certainly do not. Up until now, from time to time, some of our graduates had afforded our students the opportunity to intern at either companies where they work or at their own places of business. There is an increasing need for opportunities for our students to intern.


We believe that the opportunity for our students to intern with you who are graduates of ÜAA and spend time with you is a priceless opportunity. For this reason we have established this program, “Intern with Graduates”.  If you are able to offer an internship at your place of work or your own business would you please complete the form here and return it to us. 


In the next stage of this process we will present the students with the offers put forward by you and help them select the one that best suits the goals they have set with regard to their chosen area.

The information regarding the needs of our students wanting internships is below.

Students wanting an internship;

Class levels:         : Grades 10 and 11
Ages                     : 16, 17
Internship period  : July, August (internship can be arranged for the whole month or for certain periods within these months)


Aim of Internship:

To understand the basic principles of real work life and experience it.

To understand how the companies/institutions are organized and run.

To discover the positive, negative, challenging and enjoyable aspects of the careers that the students are planning to pursue.

To use the abilities acquired at school in real life situations.

This may be the opportunity you have been looking for to help our beloved school and wonderful students. If, by offering internships, you want to play a role in each acceptance that our students receive from universities and the success they will have in their careers in the future, then we look forward to your participation in the “Intern with Graduates” program.