PREP SCIENCE – Prep required course (2 hours)

Prep Science is a general introduction to science and is taken by all UAA students. Units consist of subtopics of biology, chemistry and physics. The subtopics cover drawing and analysis of a graph, Introduction to Biology, Energy Transformation and Separation of Mixtures. The students are expected to prepare a scientific presentation as well.
During the course, the students will be developing their English language skills in the context of doing science. Emphasis will be placed on collecting and interpreting data and presenting it in the correct format. Students will be introduced to the UAA laboratories and will learn how to work safely. The Scientific Method as a way of thinking about the natural world will be introduced and students will learn how to write a full lab report.
Students are expected to use the correct English terminology, solve problems, use a scientific calculator, and present the results in the correct format. Assessments are based on assignments, laboratory group work and reports, and library research and presentation, as well as written exams and quizzes. Outside of class preparation and participation in class are evaluated as part of learning behaviours in grading.